Thursday, January 19, 2006


Erin is the kind of person who is so easy to be around. That's why I love to just hang out with her and do nothing. When I am in that kind of lazy mood, there is nothing better than the two of us laying in bed and watching MTV. Yes, I know she is only 11 and a good mother wouldn't let her watch those kids cursing and being wild....but we love it.

Erin is also the kind of kid that everyone would want to have. She is so well rounded. She is talented at the things that she loves. She cares about people. If I had a dime for everytime someone has told me how much they like her, I would be rich. I always just tell them that yes, I think she is great too! In my mind I just think about how I am so glad that I am the lucky one to have her as MY daughter!

I am not a person to believe in supernatural things, but Erin is so intuned to my thoughts and feelings she often times "reads my mind"! When I was deciding that we could possibly get another kitten, she was the one that immediately realized from the tone in my voice that I was thinking about it. Recently, she somehow seemed to know that I was thinking about going on a trip to Disney World. She says it was only a lucky guess, but how did she know to guess Disney?! I think that must be why we can be around each other so easily. Maybe we think alike.

Its not just me that she reads so well. Its people in general. I'm sure that she will eventually start a career where she works with people and I think in her lifetime many people will remember her kindness. I'm sure she will make a difference in many people's lives no matter what she chooses to do.

Another thing that I admire about my daughter is her enthusiasm. When she wants to do something, she jumps in with both feet and throws her heart and soul into it. She has the ability to relish every simple moment in things that she wants to do. When she was given a minor part in the school play in the fall, her words were "this is the greatest experience that I've ever had!" I remember that another girl who didn't get the part she wanted, quit in anger, while Erin just lived the moment she was given. Once again, I have to say how lucky I am to be able to be her mother. I get to sit back and absorb HER happiness and make it my own!

These are just a few things that I love about Erin. These are not things that I've "trained" into her. This is who she is as a person. And I very much like that person!

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Erin said...

Mom I love you so much! I really love you! That post made me feel so happy and special. Again I love you!